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Todd McClure Being Wooed By St. Louis Rams

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It could be the end of a great era in Falcons football if Todd McClure heads to St. Louis.

The Rams are reportedly talking to McClure, which isn't particularly surprising given that Les Snead is the new general manager in the StL at the moment. They did chase Harry Douglas, after all, and McClure's still one of the league's finest centers despite his advanced age.

The Rams also drastically need to improve their offensive line, and McClure is a great stopgap option at center for a year or two. I can understand why the Rams are chasing him, and the relative silence coming from Atlanta tells me he might just wind up there.

Obviously, I would like to keep him in Atlanta for nostalgia's sake, and because he's still good enough to start for the Falcons. Someday, he'll probably be a Ring of Honor entrant for the team, even if he does finish his career with another team.

The good news? The Falcons do have options at center in this free agent class. Scott Wells of the Packers and Jamaal Jackson formerly of the Eagles are two of the best, and they probably won't be much more expensive. Wells will be a little more expensive, though.

The Falcons will survive even if these talks go from casual to heated, is my point. Just not pleasant.

What do you think is going to happen with McClure?