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Eric Weems Signs With Chicago Bears

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There but for the grace of Da Bears goes Eric Weems.

The Falcons special team ace has signed a three-year contract with the Chicago Bears, who will probably see what he can do as a receiver or bump Devin Hester off returns again. Weems had spent parts of five seasons with the Falcons, making the Pro Bowl as a returner in 2010 and catching a total of 24 passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns over that span.

The team will now be turning returner duties over to a new player, and whoever it is might not be on the roster yet. In-house options include Dominique Franks and Antone Smith, if he can get over his fumblitis.

I'll remember Weems fondly for his special teams tackling, brilliant year in 2010 and as a human shield for Michael Turner. He was a valuable special teamer and a solid dude all the way around.

Ultimately, though, it's no great loss for the Falcons, who have a solid group of special teamers and won't miss Weems as a receiver. I wish him well in Chicago.

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