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Falcons Sign Harry Douglas

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About 20 minutes ago, Harry Douglas posted the following on Twitter:

@HDouglas53: Looks like I will be staying in Atlanta...Home sweet home...

Obviously we have no details yet. And no word from the team. But I doubt Harry would post that absent an agreement. After all, he was intending to test the market. If you're looking for offers from other teams, saying that you're staying in Atlanta isn't the best means to that end. To that effect, about 45 minutes ago, WSB Atlanta Sports Director Zach Klein reported that the signing was almost a done deal.

I'll be frank, I'm absolutely thrilled. We discussed the possibility of him seeking greener pastures last week. At this point, I'll gladly admit I was wrong. While some don't think he's worth much, I'm in the "We Haven't Seen His Full Potential" camp. Moreover, those that think Meier can step in are assuming an awful lot, and I'm not comfortable throwing any mediocre free agent into the slot. I truly believe he can replicate his performance during our week 10 loss to the Saints, at least to some degree.

We'll bring you contract details when we get them, but for now, use this post to discuss the signing.

Edit: According to FoxSport's Alex Marvez, it's a 4 year deal. Not clear how much he signed for.