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Falcons Quote of the Day: Rejoice! Kelvin Hayden Won't Be Behind Bars Next Season

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Chicago Sun Times reported today that the case against CB Kelvin Hayden was officially dismissed.

Hayden, 28, was arrested in Chicago early on Feb. 28, according to Chicago police, after a 27-year-old Frankfort woman accused him of hitting her twice in the face.

The pair were arguing in a parking garage at 800 W. Madison Ave. in Greektown about 3:15 a.m., when, the woman told police, Hayden "struck her twice with a closed fist in the face, causing her to fall," Ofc. Mike Sullivan said.

She called 911, and police on patrol found a car ­— a white Bentley — matching her description near Hayden’s home on the Near North Side, Sullivan said.

Apparently the alleged victim recanted and then failed to appear at a hearing. The charge was then dismissed.

Obviously he wasn't found guilty of anything. But I hate when Falcons make the news for stuff like this. Nothing good comes of it. We went through this last year with Owens. What is it about our cornerbacks? Either they're guilty of attracting less-than-reliable female companions or they're prone to domestic violence.

Given that neither Owens nor Hayden were ultimately convicted of anything, I'm going to assume the latter is untrue. Or at least hope it is.

In any case, Hayden is a valuable role-player, and I'm not thrilled to learn that his foot is still in a boot of sorts. Heal quickly Kelvin!