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Falcons Sign Defensive Tackle Vance Walker

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It's not a big splash, per se, but the Falcons got a move in just before free agency opened for the year.

That would be re-signing Vance Walker, a move D. Orlando Ledbetter reported just a few minutes ago. The tender will run the Falcons about $1.26 million, which is very solid for a backup defensive tackle who chipped in 25 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble in 2011.

Walker's a great rotation guy who can plug gaps and occasionally get after the passer, and is a guy I definitely want around for just a hair over a million dollars. If the Falcons are going to re-shuffle Jonathan Babineaux, Peria Jerry and so forth and pick up a free agent or two, it's wise to have a couple of bedrock guys. Walker will give you maximum effort and some production in limited snaps, and may fare even better in Mike Nolan's defense. Like this one all the way around.

Your thoughts on the signing?