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2012 Will Be The Year William Moore Breaks Out

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If there's a defensive player on these Atlanta Falcons with more upside than William Moore, his name is probably Sean Weatherpsoon. The Spoonami arrived last year in a swirling storm of awesome, becoming one of the league's finest young outside linebackers.

Moore has flown under the radar a bit more. His rookie season saw him only start two games, and while 2010 could be considered a breakout year given that he started 15 games and picked five passes, it did not announce superstardom. Injuries cost him four games in 2011, too, limiting his numbers somewhat.

This is why I think Moore is due to have an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, hip-hopping year in 2012:

  • Mike Nolan is going to emphasize the fundamentals of tackling and coverage, and for all Moore's big-play ability and willingness to lay a hit, he could still use a little bit of the old Nolan magic.
  • Moore will be 26 years old and fully healthy this season, and the defense in front of him is going to get better. That will give him a chance to make more plays and contribute in different ways.
  • He's a freakishly talented dude. Most safeties aren't as willing and able to hit as he is, very few strong safeties have the hands he brings to the table and fewer still have the speed and power combination he does.If he's healthy, he's a force.

Do you think Moore will bust out in 2012?