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Moves The Falcons Will Not Make: Signing Brandon Jacobs

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Because it is inevitable that some number of Falcons fans will hitch their wagon to the Brandon Jacobs star, I would like to clear up one little tiny thing.

The Falcons are not going to sign Brandon Jacobs. They are not going to get a back who will be 30 years old in July and has over 1,000 carries on his legs. They are not going to get him because he carried the ball 152 times last year and could only muster a 3.8 yards per carry average and only caught 15 passes in the passing game despite playing in one of the five most prolific passing offenses in the NFL. They are not going to sign him because he will ask for too much money for a 30-year-old back who has over 1,000 carries on his legs. They will not sign him because they have locked up four running backs and even have a young power back with some (probably limited) upside in Dmitri Nance hanging around. They are not going to trade Michael Turner and sign Brandon Jacobs to take his place, because that would be more or less pointless unless you could sucker some drunken general manager into giving up a first round pick for Burner and turning that into an elite pass rusher, which would then allow you to save a lot of cap room and use it to sign, I dunno, Carl Nicks for the next hojillion years. They are not going to sign Brandon Jacobs because of all of these things, and probably some I have not thought of. If you think they are going to sign Brandon Jacobs, who will be blowing out candles on a delicious chocolate cake that reads "Happy 30th!" in frosting and again, in case you missed this somehow, has over 1,000 carries on those beefy legs of his, so despite the fact that he's had a really nice career for the Giants, the Falcons are not going to suddenly re-shuffle the depth chart in a tizzy while Thomas Dimitroff retires to his fainting couch because Brandon Jacobs has suddenly become available. They will not sign Brandon Jacobs.

Just wanted to mention that one little thing.