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Falcons Quote of the Day: TD Sees the Draft for What it is

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There's an oft-repeated meme that circulates around these parts from time to time. It usually goes something like: "Thomas Dimitroff is a product of the New England school of personnel management! And I like it!" or "Who does Dimitroff think he is?! We're not New England!"

I've never bought into that thinking. I don't think he emulates their style. We're scrap heap raiders when we need to be, but we don't make a habit of relying on free agent vets. New England's roster turnover is ridiculous, and FA vets are their bread and butter. We give our players second, third, and fourth chances, while they refuse to buy into the loyalty-first approach. Heck, they'll cut a player right before the Super Bowl if it'll help them win. Except sometimes they don't win. And then what?

The Comrade said an interesting thing yesterday.

"It doesn’t matter where we are in the Draft, it doesn’t matter where our needs may be. I really want to have a firm grasp. You never know where you’re going to see those players later. It could be in free agency, it could be because of a cut early. Who knows, so I make sure I’m looking at everyone."

What's he getting at? I won't lie, I often read between the lines when there's nothing but white space. But I honestly think we can derive something tangible from that comment. Simply stated, this franchise will not wear blinders and focus on today. Personnel management is critical, and it's important to win now, but tomorrow matters too. Thinking ahead is absolutely critical. And we'll never lose sight of tomorrow for today's sake.