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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: President Jackson Endorses Pat Hill

Pat Hill was a solid hire. Both NFL and head coaching experience, and he's respected by his peers. Moreover, Andrew Hill - who played for him at Fresno State - has nothing but positive things to say about our new o-line coach.

"Pat Hill is a great coach," Jackson said on Wednesday. "He’s a very passionate coach. He can bring a lot to our offensive line. I look forward to it and I hope we are very receptive of him and that we take our offensive line play to the next level."

"I’ve talked to a couple of the other guys about him, the number one thing is his passion," Jackson said. "He coaches with passion. He’s an aggressive coach, but his intentions are to help you build and improve as a player. He’s very clear with his style. I think that he will bring a new skill set to us, which will benefit us in the long run."

To be honest, he doesn't sound all-that-different than Boudreau. Intense, passionate, and aggressive. But to be fair, a change of scenery was necessary, and the Falcons brass didn't leave any stone unturned.