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If The Giants Can Win The Super Bowl, So Can We

If Eli can win a Super Bowl, so can Matt Ryan.
If Eli can win a Super Bowl, so can Matt Ryan.

UPDATE: The Anatomy of a Play series will start next Monday. I still have a couple things to iron out on my end, but it is coming and it should be fun, so long as I can juggle it and school. Should be fine. The first week or so might be kinda sloppy but it's all a learning process. I also want to start it at the beginning of a week, so that's also part of why.

I've said this a few times before, but I felt like, despite our sorry performance against the Giants, that they weren't that much better than us. The only real area where I feel like they soundly beat us talent-wise is defensive line (and maybe the OL, too, reinforcing my dad's theory that all games are won with whose lines play the best), which is probably a big part of why our team has its struggles on third down.

Their WR corps is pretty good, but if we would utilize ours, ours should be just as good. Eli has proven himself to be a fine quarterback, but there's not anything he can do that Matty can't do. That right there should be a positive in many Falcons' fans minds. For so long we asked, "Do we need a Peyton to win a Super Bowl?" which had responses such as "No, we just need an Eli." And there you have it folks. Eli just won a Super Bowl.

Yeah, parts of our team need a little work, and with a new coaching staff, there's no telling what kind of surprises we'll get. I have a class with a 49ers fan and he said that when he heard we hired Mike Nolan as DC, he became very sad since Mike Nolan is a boss and it's not like the 49ers need any more competition in the playoffs.

But it's funny that the Giants of all teams won the Super Bowl. All we heard all year long was how great all these super offenses were, and guess what? Defense won the Super Bowl. Defense beat the Saints and the Packers and the Patriots in the playoffs. (And us.)

Our D isn't that bad. Yeah, we had some bad games, but it's not like the offense was playing catch-up all the time. (If only because they were incapable of playing catch-up this year, but that problem went to JAX) We just need to follow the blueprint of the Giants and get stacked on the defensive line, with serviceable LBs (ours are better, but I'm biased) and a decent secondary, and we'll be set. Our offense should be better next season with the addition of the "Four Verticals" offense of Dirk Koetter, and of course Mike Nolan is a boss.

What does it all mean? It means we're close. Close isn't close enough, but if these new coaches do what they were brought in to do, close might turn into victory.