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Your 2011 Atlanta Falcons Special Teams Player: Matt Bryant

It's said that consistency is boring. If you're talking about Matt Bryant, that's just not true.

Bryant won our special teams player of the year voting by a landslide, a testament to his excellence and how easy it is to recognize. After a lackluster 2009 with the Falcons, Bryant has been arguably the best kicker in the NFL, drilling over 90% of his field goals in back-to-back years and looking like he's about to ride off on his motorcycle after each one. It's been a brilliant stretch.

There were a ton of deserving candidates for this award, and Chris Owens and his two game-saving tackles didn't even make the nominee list. But Bryant gets it by virtue of being totally unstoppable, missing only two kicks all year.He was quite simply good all season long, and that counts for a lot.

So please welcome your new special teams player of the year. Give it up for Money Matt Bryant, if you would.

Your thoughts on Bryant?