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Your 2011 Atlanta Falcons Special Teams Player Vote

It's time to vote again!

This time around, we're voting on the best special teams player for the Atlanta Falcons in 2011. Given their relatively limited number of plays, dedicated special teams players outside of kickers and punters are tougher to notice. But that doesn't mean they weren't doing valuable thing for the Falcons.

Let's figure out which one is most deserving of our praise. Here's our nominated candidates:

  • Matt Bryant: Still about as automatic a kicker as there is operating today, Bryant had another great season. He nailed 93% of his field goal attempts in 2011, which is a career best for the 36-year-old. He also didn't miss a single extra point.
  • Antone Smith: A quick runner, a good tackler and a willing special teamer who quietly contributed all season long.
  • Matt Bosher: He was a train wreck for the first several games of the season, but by midway through he had transformed into a monster weapon for the Falcons. His 42.1 yards per punt don't tell the whole story, as he averaged over half a field per punt in five out of the team's last six games and showed a deft touch as he developed.
  • Eric Weems: He had a down year by 2010 standards, but remains a quality returner and is a force of nature as a tackler despite his size. There's nobody who makes it down the field faster on punt returns.
  • Akeem Dent: I added him because it would be a shame to leave him off the ballot. His 14 special team tackles as a rookie were impressive, and he's got a great nose for special teams.

Vote, says Choate!