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The NFL's Drought Days Begin Now

Hell of a game last night, no?

Unfortunately, with the end of the Super Bowl comes about two weeks with absolutely nothing going on. The NFL Combine begins on February 22nd, but between here and now there's not a whole lot going on besides speculation and gearing up for free agency and the draft.

Of course, we'll be landing analysis and running features all throughout that time, so there will still be plenty going on here at The Falcoholic. But I'd also like to know what you want to see, if there's any historical moments in Falcons' history you'd like re-visited or any looks ahead you'd want us to do. No time like the present to dig up some gems, given how dead it's going to be in the world of the NFL.

So the floor's open. What features would you like to see as we make our way through the next couple of weeks?