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The Enduring Image Of The 2011 Atlanta Falcons Season

I know, I know. I was supposed to put this up for a vote. In the end, though, it was pretty clear what the 2011 Atlanta Falcons enduring image was.

I'll set the scene. The Atlanta Falcons are pummeling the helpless Jacksonville Jaguars. The play is a handoff to Michael Turner, which is hardly remarkable in and of itself. But then Turner starts running, and some Jaguars appear in front of him, and Eric Weems sort of gets in his way. What follows is nothing short of magic:

If you can look at Michael Turner picking up his own teammate with one hand and hurling him like a tiny, helpless missile toward two Jaguars defenders who crumple to the ground after being hit with Eric Weems while Turner rumbles by them, if you can somehow miss the intrinsic beauty of watching a man so ruthlessly focused that he would use his own teammate as a human shield and projectile at the same time, if you think that this somehow was anything less than the single most profound and absurd and stupendous thing that happened to the Atlanta Falcons in 2011...well, I don't get you. At all.

Tell me if I made the right choice, if you would.