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Falcons Quote of the Day: Falcons Will Take a Hard Look at RB

It will happen. Bank on that.

DOL shared a fantastic interview in the contentless pre-draft purgatory that we're all trying to navigate. You should read it. The Comrade had this to say about this year's RB class:

Q: How is the running back class?

A: It’s a fine running back class and I think there is some speed there and some versatility. You have some big guys that are going to tote the rock with a lot of power and you have some guys who can catch the ball, run and create. As it stands, compared to other running back classes, this is one where throughout the draft you can [select] some very significant players.

Look, I fully realize that TD isn't prone to showing his hand. But I'll be honest, reading this got me excited. There are more pressing needs, but if Snelling isn't locked down, then RB definitely becomes a priority.

Maybe I'm just reading into this too much, then again maybe I'm not. That's for you to decide.

Ready? Set? Go!