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Potential Atlanta Falcons Free Agents: Tackle Demetrius Bell

If you want to solve potentially solve your left tackle problems and you're leery of Marcus McNeill, there's at least one other option out on the open market.

That would be Demetrius Bell, who was a six-game starter for the Bills last year. He carries as much risk as McNeill in his own way, because 2011 was literally the first time he's shown the elite ability that made the Bills roll the dice on him in the seventh round in the first place. The fact that it was in a contract year will also probably give teams the willies, as will his extensive injury history.

I'm acknowledging all of those things, because it's likely enough to scare the Falcons' front office off. If they are considering Bell, he does have a few things to recommend him.

Chief among them is the season he had last year, where Bell graded out as a fantastic pass blocker and capable run blocker in the games he actually got to play in. The fact that he was injured and has only a half of a great year under his belt should make him relatively affordable. At worst, he's a quality backup to Will Svitek, and at his best, he may be more than that.

It's a gamble and a half, I'll admit. Given the rough composition of the offensive line right now, maybe it's time for one.

What say you?