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The Worst Atlanta Falcons Play Of 2011 Is A Stuffed Michael Turner

If you want to perfectly encapsulate the way the Falcons always seem to fall just short of winning despite a heroic and borderline crazy effort, you could not pick a better play than this.

Let me set the scene for you. The Falcons are on their own 29 yard line. Mike Smith doesn't want to give Drew Brees the ball back and let him drive back down the field. The Falcons have only inches to go to convert, and that could give them a real shot at winning the game.

We all know what followed. Smith and Mike Mularkey called a run for Turner, who was coming from yards off of the line of scrimmage. Turner couldn't get it going, the Saints got a great push and got the ball back, the Saints won. It was miserable.

According to your votes, it's also the single worst play of 2011, narrowly edging out Mike Mularkey's various errors. Now that this is over, let us never speak of it again.