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The NFL Combine Open Thread: Day One

It's that magical time of year when scouts look at prospects like they're 300 pound bags of potential and we all care deeply about what they say.

Yes, the NFL Combine begins today. Today we get a sense of how the draft might shake out before it shakes out another way entirely and we're all surprised and/or outraged. It's the day when some guys raise their stock by showing up in crazy shape and others plummet because of a real or perceived lack of dedication.

Given that the Falcons don't have a first round pick, the most ballyhooed prospects are ones that don't necessarily interest me. What I want to see is who might slide a little bit and put themselves in range of the Falcons in the second round, and who might freefall their way to the Falcons in later rounds. It'll happen to somebody.

Talk your way through the muddle, everybody. We've got a week to figure this all out.