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Your 2011 Best Atlanta Falcons Play: The Julio Jones Catch

Because there were two Julio Jones catches that made the nominations list, I feel I should mention that the one I'm specifically referring to is his crazy touchdown grab against the Colts. You may carry on.

It was interesting to see Chris Owens make a late charge for this one, because his play really personified the kind of grit and hustle we all heart so much. The fact that Jones ultimately won it should not be taken as a slight to Owens, I think, because this grab was so incredible.

In case you need a refresher, here you go:

It's an incredible display of body control and ability, and hopefully it portends the great seasons ahead. Hard to argue with the selection, ultimately, even if there were many worthy choices. Let's hope that we have an even better set of nominations in 2012, and a better end result to the season to celebrate, too.

Do weigh in.