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Why Do You Think Michael Turner Should Be MVP?

This is not a "YOU'RE ALL DUMB" post (I don't do that) but I am curious as to why some of you think Michael Turner should be the MVP of the team. Personally, I disagree with him being the MVP BUT it has been made clear by many of you that Michael Turner should at least receive some consideration for that and some have also declared him the MVP of the team.

So this is your soapbox to explain why you think Michael Turner is the MVP (Or offensive player of the year, if Spoon or someone else is your MVP).

We passed 115 times more on first down than we ran, for anyone who's wondering.

I feel like an MVP rusher should have something that stands out. Some quality. Look at MJD this year. THAT is an MVP rusher. That team would have been nothing without him. But without Turner, would we falter? Perhaps a little, but the dropoff would be much greater without Matt Ryan. Snelling and Quizz do get a lot of reps and they can both play ball. MJD does it all for the Jags. He had nearly 2,000 scrimmage yards this year, and I can tell you from watching us that he wasn't stopped after one yard. EVER.

Perhaps if we relied on Turner more, then yes, he could be considered our MVP, but because of where Matty is at this point in his career, we don't have to lean on him as much because Matt has become more valuable to the offense. 2008 Turner was absolutely the MVP of the offense. He ran for infinite yards and helped our fledgling Matty grow into his own.

Fast forward to now, where Turner has slowed down, and he's not as valuable to the offense because there has been a changing of the guard, or a shift in value.

But that's just my opinion. You're welcome to offer your opinion here.