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The 2012 Atlanta Falcons MVP Will Be...

This week is known as the slowest in sports. It's the NBA's regular season, baseball hasn't started, college basketball is still more than a month shy of March Madness and hockey's still chugging along. The Super Bowl is still several days away, too.

So it seems like a good time to think of the brighter days ahead. We'll lead off today with a question that should give us all a bounce in our step: Who will be the team MVP in 2012? We just finished christening Matt Ryan for 2011, which kicked off a little bit of the ol' spirited debate.

So who is it next year? Does Ryan repeat, or are we looking at someone else entirely? Heck, could it be one of the new coordinators and their (hopefully) better scheming?

For the record, my choice is Ryan again. It's not a particularly bold stroke, but here's why:

  • He plays arguably the most important position on the field.
  • He should get better with a offensive line upgrades and better schemes in the offing.
  • That crazy nine game stretch at the end of the year tells me he's found his groove. Maybe. Possibly? Maybe.

Those are the questions. Give us your best shot at the answers.