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Who Would You Install As Kick Returner In 2012?

That's our question of the day.

The Falcons are not locked in to bringing Eric Weems back. While kick returners tend to have seasons that wildly fluctuate—think relievers in baseball—Weems had a down year in 2011. The Falcons do like his familiarity with the system, and he had a Pro Bowl-caliber season in 2010, so I imagine this is being debated inside the organization as we speak.

The Falcons do possess other options. Dominique Franks is fast, powerful for his size and did well in limited looks in the 2011 pre-season. Antone Smith is a quality special teamer with terrific speed and agility, and if the Falcons think he's ready, it's one of his best shots of holding on to a roster spot in 2011. Both of them could be in contention for the returner gig, though Franks' will depend on where he winds up in the cornerback depth chart.

Let's debate this one and see what we come up with. Go go go!