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Falcons Quote of the Day: Not Everybody Disagrees With Roddy

If you haven't heard, Roddy thinks The Commish makes too much money. And, to be frank, he may have a point. Roger does make twenty million a year. Although Stern and Selig make comparable amounts.

I was a little surprised by some of the fanpost comments about this earlier in the week. It got a little chippy, and that's not cool. Roddy is being Roddy. He's done this for a long time now, even before he launched his Twitter account. At the end of the day, he's a top five receiver, and the notion that we should just trade him (then hope whatever we get in return will be comparable) is somewhat absurd. Not saying that he's untradeable, but it's undoubtedly not that simple.

Chris Smith, Forbes Staff Writer, wrote an interesting article about it. He had this to say:

[His] lack of marketability translates to freedom for White to speak his mind. It will draw disparaging remarks from both the media and fans, but those have never seemed to bother White much in the past. Fans may also disagree with his opinions, but they should still be grateful that he’s willing to offer them; in a league that is increasingly filled with boilerplate responses, White’s Twitter offers the rare insight of an elite playmaker.

Smith isn't a big name. But I do think he has a point. We're not a big market team, Roddy's only hurting himself. The proof is in the figurative pudding. Like I said, he's done this ad nauseum for years now, and it hasn't had any noteworthy effect on the franchise itself. While I hated to see this most recent transgression of the front of page of ESPN, the good definitely outweighs the bad.

I'm not sure how long Roddy will be a Falcon, but if he continues to lead the league in first down receptions, then he can say whatever he wants. Disagree with me if you want, but please do keep it civil folks. Internet-based smack talking is for thirteen-year-olds and Saints fans.