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Your 2011 Atlanta Falcons Worst Game: The Voting

Yesterday, we celebrated the best Atlanta Falcons game of 2011. Today, we will somberly decide on the worst.

There were a few worthy candidates, unfortunately. The Falcons got browbeaten by a handful of teams badly enough to leave a sour taste in our mouths, and they were pretty much all nominated.

Rather than spend a ton of time on an extremely distasteful introduction, let's just jump right into the nominees.

  • Week 16 versus the Saints. Just a terribly, horribly, ugly no-good game. Losing to the hated Saints 45-16, snapping a two-game losing streak...nasty stuff.
  • Week 1 versus the Bears. The season started off on a bad note with this 30-12 loss, and in retrospect it set the tone for the entire season. The Bears simply manhandled the Falcons, who couldn't do jack all game.
  • Playoff loss against the Giants. This one kind of speaks for itself. 24-2.
  • Week 3 versus the Buccaneers. Sloppy game in rainy conditions. Given the way the Bucs collapsed in the second half, this 16-13 loss looks even worse.
  • Week 13 versus the Texans. Heartbreaking because the Falcons came so close to winning it so many times.