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Your 2011 Best Atlanta Falcons Game: Triumph Over The Eagles

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This was a surprise.

I figured the huge comeback against the Panthers—I'll admit I voted for it—would capture your hearts. Or maybe the tough win over the Lions. Heck, even the critical beatdown of the Jaguars.

Instead, you all defied convention and propelled the Eagles game to the top. I think this had a lot to do with trouncing the Eagles, a team that has traditionally slapped Atlanta around and beat them in the NFC Championship game in the last decade, because the game itself was incredibly ugly.

Nonetheless, it was a win against a tough team, and it was the Falcons' first win of the season. It was also one of their better offensive performances, when Michael Turner was fresh and Matt Ryan was throwing bombs and the Falcons were beating Michael Vick. Kind of the total package, when you look at it that way.

Congratulations (?) to this game. Tomorrow, we'll start voting on the worst game of the season.