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Falcons Block Terry Robiskie To Jaguars

It wasn't a lock or anything, but it's interesting that the Falcons thought enough of Terry Robiskie to deny him permission to talk to Mike Mularkey.

This is old news that just recently came out, but I thought it would be worth discussing. After all, the Falcons were content to let Mike Mularkey walk and then raid Bob Bratkowski from the staff, neither of which were moves wringing hands over. The fact that they drew the line at Robiskie says something.

Under Robiskie, Roddy White has flourished, Julio Jones is growing and Harry Douglas put together a pretty good season. He's got a good rapport with that group, we know he can tutor WRs and the coaching staff likes him. It's little wonder they blocked him from interviewing elsewhere, particularly when you consider that Kevin Cone and Drew Davis might be pushing for a roster spot and will definitely need developing.

So I'm glad the Falcons made the move. I imagine they'll compensate Robiskie in some way for it, and that's fine too. Good coaches are good coaches, and the Falcons need to keep them around.

What are your thoughts?