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Your 2011 Best Game Of The Year Voting

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In your humble opinion, what was the best Falcons' game of 2011?

That's our question of the day, with a handful of nominees to consider.

For those of you who hated everything about this season and are frothing at the mouth at the mere suggestion that there might have been a best game...relax. The worst game of the year is up next.

Now, on to the nominees. Hope you'll find one you agree with.

  • Week 14 versus Carolina, 31-23. Also known as the day we put a nail in this team's coffin and watched them rise again.
  • Week 2 against Philadelphia, 35-31. The game where the Falcons stunned us by beating what looked to be a superior Eagles team. We would later find out that impression wasn't quite correct, but still.
  • Week 17 against Tampa Bay, 45-24. Because beating the crap out of a division rival is fun!
  • Week 7 against Detroit, 23-16. A tough, hard-fought game that I watched on my phone because I was in Disney World. True story.
  • Week 15 against Jacksonville, 41-14. A brutal beatdown and easily the most fun I had watching the Falcons in 2011.
  • That's it. I've done all the in-jest nominations thus far, but I'm not putting the Saints or Giants up here. I hate rioting.