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The Atlanta Falcons Offensive Line Starters

So we're starting this Friday off with a bit of a discussion post.

When the Falcons enter the 2012 season, who will be starting along the offensive line? For the purposes of this discussion, you can assume any trades, free agent signings or shuffling, so long as you back it up with your own logic.

My personal list goes something like this:

LT Will Svitek
LG Carl Nicks
C Todd McClure
RG Justin Blalock
RT Tyson Clabo

Why that line? Svitek is coming back and the Falcons probably won't splurge on a big-name left tackle. They also don't have a first round pick, so there isn't a starter coming in on day one to steal the job away.

Nicks is going to be a target for the Falcons, and I think they've got a decent shot at getting him. Also, I'd love to have him here.

McClure should be back for one more season. He's played at a high level and it would be awesome to see him retire as a Falcon.

Blalock will be bumped to right guard if Nicks signs, where he should be a force of nature once he adjusts. You can't bench one of the team's best linemen for the last three seasons running.

Despite his penalties and mistakes, Clabo was remarkably solid in 2011 and may be the team's best run-blocker. He'll start at right tackle.

So there's my line. What's yours?