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Eagles Interviewing Falcons Coordinator Troika

The Falcons don't get a lot of respect from the national media and fans of opposing teams. Personnel evaluators and team executives, though? That's a different story.

Many teams have been linked to Dirk Koetter already, but the Eagles are the most ardent pursuers of the Falcon coordaintors by a long shot. According to Bleeding Green Nation, Philly is interviewing all three coordinators for the Falcons this week. That means Mike Nolan, Dirk Koetter and Keith Armstrong.

The team obviously has a strong coaching staff, and it's somewhat flattering that teams like the Eagles clearly think so highly of the staff the Falcons have built. It's also alarming that teams are so ardently pursuing the coordinators, because it raises the real possibility that the coordinators could be picked clean this off-season. I doubt it will happen, but it certainly would be a major hurdle for this team to overcome going into next year.

Nolan is the only one of the three with prior head coaching experience, as he bombed out with the 49ers several years ago. Armstrong and Koetter have only held coordinator positions in the NFL.

Your thoughts?