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Mike Smith: Dunta Robinson, John Abraham Will Be Ready For Playoffs

We all know that Mike Smith is a little bit oblique when it comes to injuries. He's not one to come right out and say a guy will or won't be playing, and even if he does, a grain of salt is sometimes needed.

Still, it would be hard for Smitty to be more clear than this:

"I can tell you this, on both of the players that left the game yesterday, I fully anticipate that they will be ready to go on Sunday, January 13th at 1 o’clock," Smith said Monday.

I'm inclined to believe it. Robinson is moving through the concussion protocol, as Jay Adams notes, and two weeks should be plenty of time to get him healthy and back on the field if he doesn't suffer any setbacks.

Abraham is the trickier question, since he's older and dealing with a lower leg injury. Everyone around the team seems confident he'll return, however, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Having both players back in action would obviously for huge for a Falcons defense that will need to play well for the Falcons to come up with a win.

William Moore remains a little less certain, with Smith offering up a less confident vote of confidence for the star strong safety. We'll keep you updated as