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Gauging The Falcons Potential Opponents: Seahawks and Redskins

Finding out whether Falcons fans prefer the Seahawks or Redskins as an opponent.

Otto Greule Jr

With the playoff matchups set, the Falcons are very likely to take on either the Washington Redskins or the Seattle Seahawks in their Divisional Round game. The question is, which team would you rather face?

My preference lies with the Washington Redskins, though it's not an easy decision. The 'Skins have one of the best rushing offenses in the NFL with Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III running, but their passing offenses is much less potent. Their defense has its playmakers, but it's toward the middle of the pack or lower in most categories. The Redskins are good now and they may be great in the very near future, but they're not an awe-inspiring team on paper.

The Seahawks are a little more intimidating. Their offense is also built around the run, which is bad news for the Falcons. Their passing game is much easier to contain, but Russell Wilson avoids mistakes about as well as RGIII. The bad news is that the Seahawks' defense is one of the best in the NFL, with some of the finest cornerbacks going and a quality pass rush. That could mean trouble for the Falcons' passing game.

Neither of these are teams that would give me nightmares, but they're both quality football teams who could certainly beat anyone on their good days. Give me the Redskins.

Please note that I excluded the Vikings because I don't think it's particularly likely they'll beat the Packers again. If they do, we'll certainly re-visit them.