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First Impressions of the Falcons' Road to the Lombardi

Fact: Mike Smith had a psychotic break today - he thought he was playing Madden

Scott Cunningham

The regular season is officially over, and the playoff picture is clear. Next weekend's wild card round will feature some very good NFC teams. Green Bay will get a rematch against Minnesota while Seattle takes on Washington. San Francisco, of course, is the other NFC team with a bye (and second overall seed).

The following weekend we will play the lowest seeded winner from the wild card round. That means there is no scenario where we have to play the Packers in the divisional round. I'll repeat that, because it warrants repetition: we will not play the Green Bay in the divisional round. To that effect, assuming Green Bay wins next weekend, and I think they will, there's no scenario where we have to play both San Francisco and Green Bay en route to the Lombardi. Not a bad draw, all things considered.

We will play Seattle or Washington (the fifth and fourth seeds respectively) if Green Bay Wins. If Green Bay loses (third seed), then we will face Minnesota (sixth seed).

Realistically I think we're looking at Seattle in the divisional round. They are sneaky good, but I do believe they're beatable.