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Falcons: John Abraham's Injury "Not Serious"

The Falcons have not had much in the way of welcome news today, between their loss to the Buccaneers and the injuries to Dunta Robinson and John Abraham.

Robinson's injury will take a couple of days to evaluate--given that it's a head injury, the Falcons will be cautious--but the team seem quite relieved with how John Abraham is doing. Let's check in with CBS Sports Atlanta:

The Falcons expect defensive end John Abraham to be OK, according to a team source.

He left the game vs. the Buccaneers due to injury but was checked out postgame and is "fine" according to the source. The Falcons lost to the Bucs 22-17.

Mike Smith sounded the same kind of note after the game, so unless everyone's in on the conspiracy, it sounds like Abe will be fine. He's got two weeks to rest, and if it's just a tweak or a mild sprain, he should be good to go once the Falcons suit up in the Divisional Round. The Falcons will need their leading pass rusher in that game, and I really hope these team sources are on the money.

Your thoughts?