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Matt Ryan Breaks Franchise Passing Touchdowns Record

He'll settle for a tie.

Kevin C. Cox

It was clear early on that the Falcons were not going to win this football game. The Buccaneers were fired up and the Falcons were flat and experimenting ahead of the playoff run. C'est la vie.

It didn't look like Matt Ryan was going to get his passing touchdowns record, either, but late in the fourth quarter he prevailed on a seven yard touchdown pass to Harry Douglas. That leaves Ryan with 32 touchdowns for the year, a spot atop the single season list for the Falcons and perhaps the finest season in franchise history.

I don't love the fact that the starters had to stay in until the fourth quarter to make this milestone happen, but it's undeniably a wonderful thing for the team's franchise quarterback and the team in general. Over the course of a truly remarkable season, we've seen records fall and great things happen. This is certainly near the top of the list.

Your reactions to Ryan's record-breaking day?