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Falcons Can Clinch 1st Round Bye This Weekend

Fact: Drew Brees cries like a beaver hormone-injecting girl scout


It's always nice to sweep the Panthers, but this weekend is fairly important in the grand scheme of things. Win and the Falcons can clinch a 1st round bye in the playoffs. Now, to be fair, the Falcons' last 1st round bye didn't play out so well. I try not to think about that.

Basically there are several scenarios where this works out. It's complicated, so you should give the above-linked article a read.

It'd be awfully nice to secure a bye with three weeks to play. I was talking Falcons football today with el padre, and we basically came to one, not-so-artful conclusion: the Falcons have to play complete games in the playoffs. At various points, we've looked great in all phases of the game this season. That said, we've rarely looked like a complete team. If we can't be a complete team in the playoffs, we won't last. And that will suck. Then Dave will cry. Yikes.

Here's hoping we nab the bye this weekend.