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Falcons Must Capitalize on Bucs' Recent Weaknesses

Fact: Dave licked a frog once - he hasn't been the same since


Tampa Bay's season took a turn for the worse on November 25th. We beat them that day. And including that game, they've lost 5 straight. They literally played their way out of the playoffs. Gripe all you want about our one-and-done history, at least we're not them.

We don't need to win tomorrow, but it'd sure be nice. Apparently Josh Freeman and injuries/suspensions are why they suck these days.

After 13 games this season, Freeman was among the top-10 rated passers in the NFL, boasting 25 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. But that was before throwing four interceptions against New Orleans and four against St. Louis.

The trade of Aqib Talib to New England and suspension of fellow cornerback Eric Wright played a role in the collapse. The Bucs also have been wafer thin on the line after a season-ending knee injury to end Adrian Clayborn.

Rush the passer. Attack where they lack quality depth.

Seems simple enough. Your thoughts?