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NFC South Picks: Week 17

Grant Halverson

We've reached the end of the regular season, and the Falcons, despite having locked up the No. 1 seed in the NFC South, don't plan on taking it easy against the Buccaneers this week. Meanwhile, the Panthers and Saints face a meaningless matchup at the Superdome. Go ahead and have a laugh.

Dave still sits atop the overall standings for picks on the season. At 30-13 he is one correct selection ahead of Caleb and me, while James is two picks back. Knew I should have taken the Saints to win in Dallas.

For the last time this year, let's take a look at our picks for Week 17.

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Mike Smith isn't taking his foot off the gas, while Greg Schiano forgot where the gas pedal is. The first meeting between these two teams came down to the wire. However, since losing 24-23 to the Falcons, the Bucs have dropped five straight games. They're out of the playoffs, there's nothing on the line here. I'm sticking with Atlanta.

The Panthers are riding a three-game winning streak. Their last two games, though, were against awful AFC West teams, so I'm not exactly blown away. They did manage to beat the Saints earlier this year. Keep in mind that was Week 2, though. Basically what I'm trying to say is I'm betting on New Orleans. Drew Brees and the gang should be able to rise to the occasion at home.

What's your take?