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One Falcon To Watch: Mike Smith

A lot of tactical decisions loom.

Kevin C. Cox

Doing this a day early because I can. This is what happens when you people give me too much power! MWA HA HA!

I digress. We're here to talk about the Falcons most worth watching on Sunday. In the three or four years I've been singling out someone to watch, I've almost always chosen a player. This weekend, I'm going to break the streak.

The guy you're going to want to watch when you tune in your televisions tomorrow is Mike Smith. That's because this game comes with it a series of tactical decisions that could have a profound impact on the post-season. Smitty has to ask himself which of his starters to play, how long he's going to play them and how seriously he's going to take getting a win. Does he care most about momentum or an injury-free game, or does he believe he can get both?

With those decisions looming and a game against a divisional rival to boot, Smith's the man to keep your eyes on, at least in these peepers. Your thoughts?