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Roddy White is a Tough Dude

Fact: Roddy White eats hot coals as a post-nap snack

Kevin C. Cox

Sand paper is tough. Par 5 golf holes are tough, especially if you're me. But as Daniel Cox points out in this article, Roddy White has taken toughness to a new level in 2012.

He has never missed a game during his tenure with the Falcons. Never. In this league, that's practically unheard of - and it's even more impressive given his knee issues this year.

“I told him how proud I was of him (last week)," center Todd McClure said. "It means a lot when he’s out there on offense; it presents some different things for the defense. When he’s not (out there) they can do some different things with their coverages as far as Julio (Jones) and Tony (Gonzalez). He’s tough, as tough as they come. I think his wrestling background helps that out. A great player. I’m just glad he’s on our team.”

Sure, he drops some passes. And sure, his Twitter shenanigans are at times unnerving. But if I'm building a team, and it's time to pick a WR, then he's at worst my second choice. Yeah, I said it, he'd be my second choice; second only to Megatron, and I don't think that's a dig on Roddy.

Look, this isn't breaking news by any means, but his toughness warrants some recognition. To be fair, he plays a position where you can afford to play injured. To some extent, he can minimize contact, unlike an offensive lineman or running back. Still, his particular brand of toughness isn't something you see very often. Players are too concerned about their contracts, risk of further injury, et cetera. It's rare, and it's absolutely fantastic.