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What Happens If We're One-And-Done Again?

Arthur Blank et al made it very clear that playoff failure was no longer a passable option last year. If the Falcons fall victim to the playoff monster again, will heads roll?

If Matt Ryan goes down, Arthur Blank is ready to take over.
If Matt Ryan goes down, Arthur Blank is ready to take over.

Saw an interesting question on the NFC South chat with Pat Yasinskas earlier, a reader asked if Mike Smith could be fired if the Falcons went one-and-done again.

Now, before you say, "No", "Hell no", "#!@% no", "Incorrect, old chap", "Nunca. Tu eres un idioto", or anything remotely similar to that, there's a small possibility that could happen and it's one that has probably been evaluated by Arthur Blank on more than one occasion.

It stands to reason that Dimitroff could lose his job, too.

Now, before you blow up at me, I think both Smith and Dimitroff are great. I think they've both done a great job, and I certainly believe they'll stay, win or lose a playoff game this year.

However, not everyone agrees with that sentiment.

So, put yourself in Arthur Blank's shoes for a moment. If the Falcons get embarrassed in the playoffs once again, do you clean house? Do you make a "statement firing"? Or do you give it one more year?