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Roddy White And Thomas DeCoud May Be The Two Biggest Pro Bowl Snubs

Not an exercise in hyperbole.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons got jobbed in Pro Bowl voting this year. It doesn't take a particularly perceptive soul to see that the team with the best record in the league shouldn't have five less Pro Bowlers than the Houston Texans or two less than the Kansas City Chiefs, for god's sake.

Yet that's exactly what happened. Only three Falcons made it to that meaningless but still yardsticky exhibition game, and that's just deeply unfair for a team with so much star power. I'm not saying the Falcons should have sent eight--that may have been more than you could have made a reasonable case for--but they needed to have two more representatives in the game.

I'm referring to Roddy White and Thomas DeCoud.

Roddy White

White is ninth in the NFL in yardage, and fifth in the NFC. He's tied for 21st in touchdowns and 17th in yards per reception. If those numbers don't knock your socks off, remember that Roddy's part of one of the most prolific passing offenses in the game, not the lone option like Calvin Johnson or Vincent Jackson for their respective teams.

The real reason Roddy deserves to make it, however, is that he has Julio Jones beat in almost every category. Jones has come into his own in 2012 and could someday blow away every mark that Roddy has set, but Roddy's got the leg up on him this season. It's kind of bizarre that he couldn't get more Pro Bowl love.

I'm not complaining that Jones made it, obviously. I just think White should have, too.

Thomas DeCoud

DeCoud is a different story. It's simply indefensible that the team's star free safety didn't receive his due.

Let's start with the interceptions. DeCoud is fifth in the league in interceptions with six. The only safety ahead of him in that category in the NFL is Stevie Brown, who has seven. DeCoud also has seventy tackles, eight pass deflections and a sack.

Compare that to Dashon Goldson, the 49ers free safety who did make the Pro Bowl. Goldson has 67 tackles, no sacks, just three picks and 11 pass deflections. If you think statistics don't tell the whole story, fine. But no one I've talked to believes that Goldson is appreciably better than DeCoud in coverage or against the run. He's just benefiting from his attachment to the 49ers brand, and it's a damn shame Pro Bowl voters couldn't see past that.

These two got robbed, plain and simple.