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Falcons Will Send Just Three To Pro Bowl

A disappointment for a team doing so well.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

We all know the Pro Bowl is a sham. Undeserving players get in, deserving ones don't go to Hawaii and everybody gets mad for what amounts to no reason.

Tonight, the NFL unveiled its Pro Bowl rosters, and they were about as shamtastic as ever. Looking down this list you're sure to find a half dozen selections for each roster that are mildly baffling (Dashon Goldson? five dudes from Kansas City?) and a few more that are definitely borderline. What isn't particularly surprising is that the Falcons are not well represented on the NFC roster.

The Falcons sent three deserving dudes—Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez—but somehow still got screwed over. Roddy White is actually having a better season than Jones and he didn't make it. Thomas DeCoud and William Moore have been arguably two of the best safeties in the NFL, not just the NFC, and neither made it. John Abraham didn't get a shot, and neither did Sean Weatherspoon.

It's worth noting that the Falcons defense has had some high-profile games, including William Moore's destruction of Drew Brees on a Thursday night. And it's worth noting that White is having one of the finest seasons of his career. I knew coming into the Pro Bowl voting that the Falcons were likely to have less guys going than they deserve, however, and it's part of the ongoing lack of interest in this team that has characterized fan and analyst chatter this season.

If they make a deep playoff run—and even if they don't—I doubt we'll care all that much. Congratulations to Ryan, Julio and Gonzalez, though.

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