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The Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl Prediction Thread

Who will make the Pro Bowl for the Falcons?

Kevin C. Cox
The Atlanta Falcons have put together a magnificent season, one that will reward players and fans alike with a trip to the playoffs. That should mean they have a number of players making the Pro Bowl, as well. The official announcement from the NFL comes tonight at 7 p.m. While the Pro Bowl has certainly lost whatever luster it had over the years, Pro Bowl berths do matters to Hall of Fame voter types and yes, those of us who like to lord it over fans of lesser teams. So like you, I'll be tuning in to ensure the Falcons get something resembling a fair shake. My best guess at Falcon Pro Bowlers goes something like this: QB Matt Ryan WR Roddy White TE Tony Gonzalez OLB Sean Weatherspoon CB Asante Samuel FS Thomas DeCoud SS William Moore Let's open up the floor for you guys and girls to guess who you think will make the Pro Bowl from the Falcons. We'll circle back tonight at 7 p.m. and see how close we got. Hit us with your best shot, and fire away.