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Roddy White Looks To Break Own Franchise Record

The star receiver would like to lock up the top three spots on the franchise's single season receiving records.

Kevin C. Cox

Since 2007, Roddy White has led the league in receiving yards. Not the Falcons, not the NFC, but the entire NFL. Chew on that, critics!

Roddy's been a mainstay on the career and single season records list for the Falcons, as well. He owns the most receiving yards in team history already, and has the top two single season yardage slots. With one good game on Sunday against the Buccaneers, he could own the three top spots. That's fairly incredible.

As it stands now, Roddy has 1,309 yards through 16 games, a total that was nicely augmented by his explosive effort against the Lions last Saturday. That leaves him just 80 yards away from the franchise record he set back in 2010, and just 63 away from the mark he set in 2008.

The Falcons will likely only trot Roddy out for a half, at most, given what's at stake and the fact that he's kind of chasing his own record here. But against a rapidly imploding Buccaneers team, a half might be enough to grab those 81-plus yards and get the record. I'd give him a 50/50 chance to do it.

Do you think Roddy will break his own record Sunday?