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Matt Ryan Has A Chance At Some (Real) History

Matt Ryan has a chance to be the all-time single season highest completion percentage passer. No, really!


....if he goes somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 for 45 on Sunday. Won't happen, but he's not far from it.

BUT I think that's something that should be pointed out. Matt Ryan has completed 69% of his passes. Save for those two games where he went on a interception spree and we're talking about one of, if not the, best seasons by ANY QB for this season.

KC Joyner over at ESPN has already made his case about why he thinks Matty should be the MVP. And why shouldn't he? When he's given the keys, the offense goes from Pinto to Destroyer of Kittens. Specifically teal colored ones.

I don't think it needs to be said how much the offense would fall off if Luke McCown had to come into the game. I'd still lay my money on Dominique Davis being a better choice at #2, but I don't get paid to make these decisions.

I'm also of the mind that we shouldn't rest anyone for the Tampa game. I believe it was londonfalcon who talked about the "ritual" or rhythm that soccer players get into during their seasons, and I think that applies to many sports, baseball especially.

But James already wrote about that so I won't bother you with going much further on that. My only thing is that the "What if someone gets injured" problem is that at least if someone gets hurt, their backup will get two weeks + some playing time to get ready for the playoffs, whereas the injury could've very easily happened in the playoffs, and then we'd be screwed!

In any case, I know we know Matty's having a great season, but he's also hitting on 7 out of his 10 passes on average. That keeps drives alive, which means scoring more points, which means more rest for the defense, which means (by the hope of all that is holy) the running game will gain some yards. And that single pass (compared to 6/10 on average) can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

As if we needed any more convincing that he's the best QB this franchise has ever had, he continues to be rock solid.

And he's only 27. We're talking about, realistically, getting 6 or 7 more good years at the least out of this guy. That's an amazing thought.

And he's barreling the train that is the offense right into the playoffs.