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Joe Hawley Returns From Suspension, Will Suit Up Against Buccaneers

The Falcons get back depth on the offensive line as Joe Hawley comes back from a four game suspension.

Kevin C. Cox

We were all a little ticked off at Joe Hawley when he got suspended a few weeks back. This likely has to do with a guy using ADHD medication not clearing it with the league first, and the fact that the Falcons are not exactly well deep along the offensive line.

Hawley's suspension is up, though, which means the reserve center and guard will return to duty for the Falcons. With the team in the midst of a hugely successful run to the playoffs, they can use all the reliable depth they can get. The fact that Hawley has played only a handful of snaps all season doesn't mean he won't be useful and perhaps even necessary for the post-season.

To make room for Hawley, Kevin Cone has gone on injured reserve. Cone is a physical specimen, but he struggled to find any snaps this season, got hurt and is likely behind Drew Davis on the depth chart for 2013. I don't expect to see him back in Atlanta.