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NFC South Picks: Week 16

Leon Halip

It looks like the world isn't coming to an end, so we should have another full weekend of football ahead. The Falcons head to Detroit for the second year in a row hoping to avoid any altercations or roundhouse kicks to the groin from Ndamukong Suh.

The rest of the NFC South continues its roller coaster ride that is 2012. New Orleans completely crushed Tampa last week, while Carolina is actually looking like a solid squad as of late.

Dave somehow jumped into first place coming off a perfect 3-0 weekend. Caleb, James and I all sit one game back with the season drawing to a close. Take a look at our picks for Week 16.

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Everyone agrees on the Falcons and Panthers this time around. Atlanta beat Detroit last year, and that team is playing well below those standards right now. After blowing out the Giants, I would imagine their momentum carries over well.

The Panthers nearly shut out the Chargers last week. Now they face another dismal AFC West team. Oakland kicked five field goals to beat Kansas City in Week 15. How riveting. Cam Newton is playing well, and I think he keeps it up.

Greg Schiano is watching his team spiral downwards. After failing to score a single point against an awful Saints defense, how can you feel confident about the Bucs right now? As for the Saints, their last two weeks were polar opposites. The Cowboys are playing well in December again, making a playoff push and winning my vote of confidence in this matchup. Could go either way, but I like DeMarco Murray's impact in recent weeks.

What's your take?