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Why Don't People Like the Falcons?

Fact: the Falcons are super lame and they really really suck and stuff ... or something like that

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Quick discussion post for all of you this evening. I know we've addressed this before, but with 2 games remaining in the regular season, now seems like a great time to revisit something depressing.

Here's the query: why don't people like the Falcons?

I won't lie, I'm an enormous homer. Given the opportunity, I'll rant and rave about the Falcons. Heck, I dirty birded after Eric Weems ran back that kickoff in the 2010 playoffs. Not a big deal, except I was (1) in a Packers bar; (2) in Wisconsin; and (3) wearing an over-sized Matt Ryan jersey.

My buddy recently asked me if the Falcons are the worst 12-2 team in history. Needless to say, I scoffed and threw a Ping driver at his face. For me, the Falcons-related haterade is very enigmatic. If I had to guess, it's our rapid phoenix-like ascension following the Vick shenanigans. Teams toil for decades trying to find the type of success we have in only half a decade.

As always, I'm curious what y'all think. Discuss!