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This Falcons Team Epitomizes "Rise Up"

What do Falcons do? Hunt for mice....oh, you mean the players. Uhh.....all they do is win, win, win no matter what?

Josh-USA TODAY Sports

This team, for all its faults, put the whooping of a lifetime on the Giants. I never thought in a million years that the team would literally rise up and play their best football game of the season against a formidable team in the Giants. They're still the champs, but the Falcons flummoxed the Giants in literally every single phase of the game.

This game came just one week after the embarrassment that was the Panthers game, but to be fair, the Panthers lay an equally impressive beatdown on the Chargers this past week. Maybe they've finally figured it out.

But this time, all eyes were on the Georgia Dome. The Giants desperately needed to win to stay ahead in their division. The Falcons, well, they didn't absolutely have to have this one.

But what did the team do?

They rose up to the occasion is such dominating fashion, I thought I was watching the Patriots.

Certainly this team played like all of their jobs were on the line, and it showed.

I have long felt that this could be our year, mainly because of my superstitious ways. Had UGA won, I would've started visiting tarot card readers. (Not really)

When the eyes have been on them this year, the Falcons have answered the call. Drew Brees? Check. Peyton? Check. Eli? Check. That's three of the top echelon of QBs right there, and the Falcons have feasted on all three of them.

After watching the Falcons thoroughly dismantle a winning team, I can say that I am, without a doubt, a firm believer this team can win the Super Bowl. It's not that I didn't think they couldn't before, but it was more of a hope and a prayer that, when crunch time came, they would deliver. And let's face it folks, there were questions about this team. No matter how strong your faith is, you couldn't have known for sure whether or not this team would flop.

But now, after beating the wheels off of the Giants, it's evident.

This team is ready.

(Also, I stand by my statement of resting everyone. That way, it would've been a fair game! Har har har har)