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The Atlanta Falcons Have Won The NFC South

With a Buccaneers loss, it's been sealed.


We tend to think of division wins as celebratory affairs, full of Gatorade showers and whooping Sean Weatherspoons. We don't tend to think of them happening on an off day.

With the Buccaneers losing to the mighty Denver Broncos, though, that's exactly what happened. The Falcons have won the NFC South at 11-1, with the Buccaneers standing at 6-6 and the Saints at 5-7. I never thought that the Falcons would take the division with four games remaining, but that's exactly what happened.

This obviously changes the dynamics of the last few weeks. If you're the Falcons, you want to get to 13 wins so you can seal up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and give yourself a friendly environment to play in once the post-season rolls around. That means you only have to win two of your last four games, and you've got games against the Panthers, Buccaneers and Lions coming up. It seems well within reach.

I don't care if anyone thinks the Falcons have been lucky to get here. You may be lucky to win the lottery, but that doesn't mean anyone gets to take your money away from you. This has been a historic year, a wonderful year and a year we Falcons fans will never forget. Bring on the playoffs.

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